The Pine Valley Pistol Club in Perth is hosting the 2017 Australian ICORE Regionals. Entry form is now available at the above button "Upcoming Events"


Your Firearm/Shooters license is not recongised in Western Australia and you are required to carry a permit with you at all times when conveying your firearm. Western Australia Police have instructed the Match Director to nominate state co-ordinators to collate the permits for state group permits. Interstate group permits are free of charge and to obtain this free service you must follow these instructions here and on the entry form. Failure to do so will result in a $58.00 permit that you must obtain yourself via the Western Australin Police Website. On page 3 of the entry form please read the instructions as you will need to print off, fill it out and copy/scan it to be forwarded to your nominated state co-ord. The nominated co-ords are on the entry form. Please do not contact the state co-ords for assistance, you must call the Match Director on the form and is very happy to help you along the way. This free service will cease on the 27th of January and there is no if's or but's if you miss this date, it will cost you $58.00 after this date and you will have to organise the permit yourself. Please be advised that on the form you will only see QLD and VIC nominated co-ords. If you are outside of these states, please call the match director for direction as we do not have nominated state co-ords for other states that this time. If you cannot contact the Match Director first, feel free to call the Chairman Stuart Forster on 0419860585 as a alternative.

RO Shoot: Thursday 20/04/2017 to Friday 21/04/2017

Match: Saturday 22/04/2017 to Monday 24/04/2017

Shoot Offs: 2.30 pm Monday 24/04/2017

Dinner/Presentation: 5.30 pm Monday 24/04/2017 at Pine Valley Pistol Club



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